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Recommenu lets restaurants harness dish-level consumer reviews directly on their online and mobile menus, so you can leverage your greatest asset: your customers’ voice. Use your customer base as the largest marketing force imaginable to increase sales and power actionable marketing insights, one dish at a time.

Mobile and Web Integration

You’ve invested a lot into building your brand, and we appreciate that. We work with you to integrate our ratings and reviews software with your existing site and app, and keep it on-brand.

Analytics: Actionable Insights

Segment your customer base by location and by dish-sentiment to target the most specific segments of your customers. See which products resonate with which audiences.

Curation: Ratings, Reviews, Recommendations

Collect authentic consumer reviews directly on each menu item. Consumers are online searching for your menu and for reviews - why not give them both in the same place?

Marketing: Content that Resonates

Turn attention-grabbing, inspiring product reviews into high-quality ready-to-go content for your social media, emails, and blogs.

When your customers win big, you win big. Your customers will love reading and sharing reviews with the community, and you will love the impact it has on your business.

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